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Full service Wedding & Event Planning located in New Jersey.


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Eventfully Yours was so helpful in making our home celebration feel so special. Due to COVID-19, celebrations just aren’t what they used to be — we couldn’t go to a new restaurant, fly somewhere tropical, or party with friends. I knew I wanted my girlfriend to feel the love and Eventfully Yours brought my vision to life! I asked for a balloon arch to hang on the fireplace and we kept it up long after the “celebration” was over just because of how nice it was. The balloons were such good quality and they stay inflated for months!! I will always depend on Eventfully Yours for my celebration needs — big or small



Words cannot express my gratitude for Chelsea. My son’s 14th birthday was amazing! It was the PERFECT teen party. I came to her with a simple idea and she worked her magic and turned a simple backyard bbq into the best teenage summer party. If you think you don't need a party planner, think again and if you think you can go with just any one, THINK AGAIN!
Chelsea is a top-notch planner and I am incredibly lucky to have had her help. She always made us feel comfortable and worry free, we were always confident she had everything 100% under control even in the hottest day of the summer. I can’t wait to continue using her services for years to come and definitely looking forward to using her as my wedding planner in the very near future. 


Jessica & Joel

We had baptized our daughter in the middle of a pandemic. Even though we couldn’t have all our family and friends at the ceremony Eventfully Yours made the reception beautiful. It was more then I could ask for. She took the ideas I had told her and made them come to life. She made our daughters day a magical one, even with everything going on in the world. Chelsea is the best event planner I have worked with and will continue to work with. Her work is amazing and her prices as well. Thank you.

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